Big Dick decision making

I’m not a big exercise guy. I’m naturally thin and while I used to love recreational sports, it was more about the competition than the affects on my body. But it’s been a long time since I’ve been involved in any real physical exercise of any kind.

Much to my wife’s irritation, I really haven’t changed much over the years. I’ve been settled in at the same weight and build for most of the last decade. I’ve grown comfortable with my physique even though I’m thinner than I would prefer. I learned to accept that my body is pretty resistant to natural change.

Now I am 35 years old. I look pretty good compared to some of the guys I’ve grown up with. But I understand that I’m running out of time if I ever want to make an improvement. As we age, our bodies become even more resistant to change. If I ever want a better body, it has to start now.

I’ve always wanted a Bowflex machine. I think they work. I’ve always thought it was probably my best at home option for starting the process of change.

So I got on Craigslist two days ago. There was a posting that was a couple days old for a Bowflex Extreme SE listed for $200. That is a steal for a product in good condition. I called on it, got the explanation for why it was being sold so cheap (belonged to their daughter, they didn’t have room for it) and made arrangements to take a look at it.

I talked to my wife, got her blessing for the purchase, told the lady I would be there the next day. They live 90 miles away. My wife went with me, giving us some quality time together while driving. We made the purchase, brought it home and had it set up that night.

That might sound impulsive but it wasn’t. We have the money and this was something that had been on my mind for awhile. Big Dick Living is about making decisions and following through. I saw an opportunity for something I wanted and I took it.

That might sound simple. But if you’re a Nice Guy personality type, decision making, especially making decisions that are for yourself, is extremely hard to do. It makes us feel impulsive. It makes us feel selfish. But self improvement isn’t selfish. I want to be a better me, for myself and my wife.

Have the confidence in yourself to make decisions. Make your plans, do your research, whatever is needed. But when the time comes to pull the trigger, do it with confidence.


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