Big Dick Decision Making pt 2

A follow up to the Decision Making post.

So, focusing on the theme of, ” I saw an opportunity for something I wanted and I took it”, Brian had an interesting experience last week.

Following some heavy chatting with a prospective date, he made the decision to simply show up at her door at 10:30 pm, pulling his shirt off as he walked to the door like he was Channing Tatum or something. He sent a message telling her to step outside when he get there and then.. well hell, I’ll just let him tell it.

“As far as that goes (seeing an opportunity and just taking it) that’s something that I think is engrained in me and always has been, but I’ve never applied it to women. I’ve been complimented for years as the guy who, when he starts a project, always finishes it. So I had no problem applying the assertiveness to getting a project done around the house, but it never occurred to me to be that assertive in a relationship.

I think, really, the first time I really applied it and realized that it worked, was in meeting S in the parking lot. And Big Dick says you walk up and you take her breath away. It seemed like an obvious choice to do, but not without nerves, because she called and postponed it by 30 minutes, so I had 30 more minutes to sit and think about how fucked it could be if I did it the wrong way, some kid walks up and says, “Ms. L, is he hurting you?”

And she calls, says, “hey I’m pulling in the parking lot” and it’s a split decision. Okay Brian, you’ve always been the guy in other areas of your life that has absolutely grabbed life by the lips and yanked as hard as you could. Are you going to do it? Yes you are. You gotta make the decision. So I get out and I look in. We are right across from Orange Leaf and there’s a table full of kindergarten kids sitting right there by the window. And I thought, “you know what, I could cost her her job.” And I start walking towards her and decided that I don’t even care right now.

And so, with as successful as that was, I applied it three nights later when I decided, when I got off the phone, that I’m going to go over to her house. I don’t care. I’m going to drive over there, if I drive over and I can’t get her information, I’ve wasted 15 minutes.

I’d never realized the same success and the same kudos that I get for sitting on a Tuesday and deciding to do this little backboard and dartboard project at the house and you get it done and people go, wow, sure wish my husband would do something like that.

It never occurred to me that it would be just as successful, their response is exactly the same when you are that way sexually. Her reaction when I got there was better than I had hoped. There is a fine line. I don’t want to do it do much, but you don’t want to stop  doing what’s working.”

That’s Big Dick decision making in action.

Channing Tatum appoves

Channing Tatum appoves


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