Finding a Good Fit

I have the coolest job ever. It is a bit unique; very few people even know it exists as a job field. On the surface, it actually sounds pretty boring. But underneath is a world of benefits that make it truly enjoyable.

Number one, I get to work from home. It is extremely satisfying to get paid for something I can do in my pajamas. I can get up to work at three in the morning, or stay up until midnight. I create my own schedule and as long as the work is done in time, no one cares.

Also, I am able to participate in a large number of activities for our kids. That’s a huge deal to me as there are relatively few dads that make it for most of the mid-day events.

Second, I make great money. Not doctors wages, but compared to most of my peers I am well ahead of the curve.

Number three, it is rewarding work. I get to help people. Sometimes it is minor things, but occasionally I am in the middle of real tragedy. My job is to get them through that get them started in putting their life back together.

But the biggest reason I love my job is that it fits me. I found a career that is very well suited to my personality type. I am convinced that is the reason I do so well at it. You’ve heard the old saying, “Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”? Well, it isn’t quite that idyllic, but I understand what they mean.

What does all this have to do with being Big Dick?  

Well, none of this happened by accident. This job was the result of some unbelievably difficult choices we had to make. It was a huge leap of faith that I made based on my faith in God’s will and my belief in myself to make it work.

No one else expected it to work. My stepmother informed me that they thought I was crazy. My in-laws kept waiting for a phone call asking for money. It was a huge risk/reward situation and it has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

Take chances. Life requires you to have confidence in yourself if you want to succeed. I can’t imagine where my life would be now if I had feared failing when this began almost ten years ago. I have to assume I would be unbelievably miserable.

So what does Brian have to say on this topic? I’ve talked about us being mirror images in many ways and this is one of them. I’m a helper, a counselor. Brian is a creator and a builder. He chose a career where he spends his days as a master craftsman. His work is thing of beauty and his attention to detail shows in what he does.

Like my situation, choosing a job that suits his personality type has allowed him to excel at what he does.

Life is all about finding a good fit. Psychologist call this “congruence”. It doesn’t come easy and it rarely comes at all without a lot of effort and very intentional decision making. But once you find it, you are very much in a position of strength. At that is what Big Dick is all about.


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