Am I Really That Shallow?

Brian says,

“Am I really that shallow?

 Surely I’m not the only one that gets that “giddy, I’m 13 years old and just found out the cute girl that I never pay attention to 3 rows behind me likes me” feeling when an attractive, unknown person of the opposite sex sends a Facebook friend request?
 You don’t have to answer…I know its not just me. 
But I wish it were, if it was, that would mean that its a defect in my personality and not a condition of the heart that always wants to be desired by “someone new”…(that was the downfall of my marriage, on my wife’s side) and I don’t like the idea that her flaw is affecting the “single” me…but it is:-(
 As of this moment, I am “casually” dating 3-4 beautiful women and sleeping with 2 of them…you would think that I would feel completely satisfied and have no need for any extra attention…you’d be wrong!
 After a fairly uneventful day with not much communication with my “soft harem” ( a despicable term that Adam has engrained in my head) I receive a friend request on my iPhone while cooking dinner for my girls & instantly…my libido skyrockets as I look at the girls profile…(we have 1 common friend…thats a plus… she is 7 years younger…things are looking up & she’s gorgeous…I’m on top of the world), I’ve got a smile on my face and a hop in my step from a unknown woman’s click on her smartphone who doesn’t know me.
Hell yeah, I'd hit that.

Hell yeah, I’d hit that.

Is that really all it takes…? I know I should be past this, but its a longer road than I expected.
 I know I need to be happy and content just being (single Brian, father of two great young girls) but I want to be desired by all…just like my X-wife wanted…the only difference between the two of us is that there was a piece of paper and a covenant between the two of us and god that we would forsake all others…for once, I can empathize with her.
 No greater drug exists than that of flattery and the allure of “what could be”…my apologies to anyone reading this addicted to crystal meth…that shits a Bitch! 
crystal meth
Post script: It turned out to be fake. Brian’s awesomely hot chick was a catfisher. If it sounds to good to be true, she’s probably a dude.

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