Introducing Mrs. Big Dick Chronicles

They say that on the internet, no one know you are a dog. I’ve never really quite understood that saying, but I assume it means you never know who is real and who is full of shit.

I can tell you all about my Big Dick adventures, but what motivation do you have to believe me? I could be that guy from the Brad Paisley song. Everything I’m telling you could be completely fabricated.

Well, it isn’t. You’ll just have to trust me on that. But, perhaps a more realistic possibility is that I’m giving you a skewed version of my life. You may read these posts and wonder, “yeah, but how accurate is this? Does his wife think he’s such a stud?”

That is a very valid question and I’m glad you asked it. Just after I started The Big Dick Chronicles, my wife decided it would be fun to begin posting her own musings. I would like to take the opportunity to introduce her to you. My wife is a pretty awesome woman. First, she lets me post here with very little censoring of what I say. But better than that, she has decided to join me.

You can read her version of our life at

Now, let me be clear. She doesn’t write as a companion to the Bid Dick Chronicles. But several of her posts mirror the same events in our life and it is interesting to see her perspective on the events that I chronicle here.

She is a bit shy. When she started posting, she didn’t really expect anyone to actually ever read it. I’d like to change that because she is an excellent writer and she enjoys the encouragement more than she expected.

So if you have the chance, stop by and check her out. She will appreciate your feedback.


3 thoughts on “Introducing Mrs. Big Dick Chronicles

  1. I for one am grateful that you stumbled onto my blog and sent me your wife’s. She and I are now following each as well. Personally, I have “wanted” to start my blog awhile ago and it was only at the strong urging of the Captain that I went for it. How it all came about was, I sent him some very graphic “blog” style texts and he simple replied,”so, when are you starting your blog?” His stern lead is always what pushes me forward. That and I never want to disappoint him and I am always in obedience. (surrender and submit~two of my favorite words)
    Thank you for following my blog. I always look forward to yours along with your wife’s.

      • Why thank you. Writing is in my blood, so to speak. It took the Captain to shove me in this direction, so grateful he did. I know I am being a little conserved, but the unleashing is close, like a fantastic “O”! It’ll happen…

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