Movie Review: “This is 40”

My God, what a depressing movie.

I could stop there and you will know everything you need to know about this complete waste of 2 hours of your time, but I’ll continue. Let me just say that I watched this movie so you wouldn’t have to. You’re welcome.

This is supposed to be one of those movies that you watch and you laugh all the way through because, “Oh my God, that is so right. That really is what life is like.” At least that is the recommendation from the lady that told me I should watch it.

Actually, this was the mom from Tae Kwon Do class. If this is her life, no wonder she wants me.

Okay, back to the movie. Pete and Debbie are your typical 40 year old couple. Pete is a whipped, limp dick guy who hides out in the bathroom to avoid and family and refuses to discipline his teenage daughter. He runs a failing independent music label which he admits he started “because he couldn’t find a job.” He hides the families failing finances from his wife, going so far as having the house on the market without telling his wife.

He spends the whole movie avoiding taking any responsibility for his actions, while acquiescing to his wife at every turn. His limp dicked betaness culminates when he rides his bike into an open car door while rounding a corner. He gets into an argument with the car owner about who should have been looking out for whom. He jumps up and down in a hissy fit screaming, “No one ever looks out for me!”. Meh.

Apparently, the Hollywood version of a couple that learns to come together involves both parents circling the wagons to lie about a confrontation with another parent during a trip to the principal’s office.

The happy ending to this movie involves Pete coming to terms with the fact that his wife is smarter and more capable than he his. He learns to love his limped dick life while she takes control of turning their failing marriage around.

Yeah, it took two hours to get there.

There were only two redeeming values in the whole film; a brief scene where the youngest daughter demonstrates an encounter with a haunted cow, and Jason Segal hitting on Megan Fox.


Jason Segal demonstrates pure Big Dick alphaness in this scene. They scripted it quite well. Even the reaction from the beta boy Chris O’Dowd was exactly right.

Watch this movie only as a cautionary tale of where you don’t want to be in life. Hopefully, you don’t really need that reminder, but if you do, this should kick your ass in gear in less than two hours.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: “This is 40”

  1. I actually enjoyed the movie, but utterly hated the Paul Rudd/Leslie Mann characters. HATED them as in they suck as individuals and as a married couple. I also couldn’t suspend disbelief that despite their financial ills, they would jet off to vacation weekend and continue to live like all was good. Agreed, the husband was a total retched pussy, but is probably a fairly accurate portrayal of a good percentage of married men. Love Segal though.

  2. I just kept waiting for someone in the movie to be BETTER. But no one ever got better. No lessons were learned, no change of heart. If Hollywood’s idea of a happy ending is “we might be douchebags, but we’ll be douchebags together”, I’d rather pass.

    But you’re right. This was probably more accurate for most people than I want to admit.

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