It’s Easy to Love Your Job When You’ve Got a Big Dick

I freaking love my job.

It truly is about the most ideal work situation I could ask for. I am an employee, but I work from home and I set my own schedule. As long as I’m caught up on my reports, my time is mine to do with as I please.

The second best thing about my job; I joined my wife in taking the kids to the movies today. She brought our friends two kids with us (Big D from my earlier role model post)  so she wanted some company with five kids all 10 and under. I had an appointment earlier in the morning and another after the show, but was able to be free from 12-2 for the show.

The best thing about my job? I’m sitting in my boss’ office chatting when my wife calls. She got to town early and has the kids at the park. I tell my boss I gotta go. We’re taking the kids to the movies today.

He just smiles and says, “Sounds like fun. Have a good time.”

Why can I get away with telling my boss I have to leave the office to go to the movies? Because two minutes before this, he tells me he needs three clones of me to put in different areas of the state.

That, my friends, is Big Dick living.


4 thoughts on “It’s Easy to Love Your Job When You’ve Got a Big Dick

  1. That’s great, having a great work life balance is a key contributor to a happy life in my opinion. My boss, who has kids ranging from 8 years old to 20 recognizes and promotes this fact as well. Very relaxed atmosphere, and everyone appreciates it, works hard and goes home and lives life. Great work atmospheres are a gift.

  2. It must be so nice to have job satisfaction as well as a nice income. I was, unfortunately, made redundant as a production manager, and now nobody wants to employ me as I am, apparently, too old. So instead, I moan a lot. I make people laugh, I open up great debates, I say what I want to say. It’s great fun and I now have more friends than I ever have. I still look for work but until that happens I shall concentrate on becoming a blogger and best selling author. (Erm…when I eventually finish my first book that is) Always look on the bright side huh? Have a great day!

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