What’s In a Name?

I’ve made a new friend in the blog world; Keith, aka, oldmoaner52, is a self proclaimed cantankerous old man in England who is currently looking for assistance moving a desk. Anyone feeling especially generous is encouraged to comment on his blog letting him know you would be glad to help if you didn’t live on the other side of the world.

Keith was kind enough to mention me in a post the other day, but then he did the unthinkable; he laughed at the name of my blog.

Now, I acknowledge that The Big Dick Chronicles is a bit unconventional. Especially for a grown man who has three kids and teaches a Sunday school class.

But isn’t that what the internet is all about? I sit here safely hidden behind my Steve Dallas avatar, telling you wonderful complete strangers my stories that I would not feel comfortable sharing with even my closest friends and family.  If you’re clicking on it for the first time, what expectations do you have with a name like this?

Apparently, most of my patrons from the Asian Pacific region think I’m a porn site. Not to stereotype, but every time I see a visitor from that region, there is a corresponding Google search result for, I don’t know, something like “photo text big limp dick watch” or “a man have two cock”.

I’m just sayin’.

I’ve noticed that most of my followers are women; thank you ladies. I’ve learned never to try and figure out what they are expecting. Unless one of you ran the search for “i like big dicks am i shallow”. Then we should definitely talk.

Just kidding, you know my wife is reading this.

In reality, I only ever expected there to be two readers; myself and Brian, who is supposed to be the interesting half of this blog, but has been persona non grata for quite some time now.

It wasn’t supposed to matter what other people thought of our title because no one else was going to read it. But the reality is this; I am quite proud of my blog title.

It might seem a bit coarse for some, but I’ve never really played to an uptight crowd anyway. Perhaps it seems a bit egotistical. “He must think awfully highly of himself with a name like that”. Hey, I admit, I’ve had my cold water moments just like every other guy.

In reality, it comes down to this- big dick

It has nothing to do with physical appearance or stature. This blog is about a particular mindset. At 36 years old, I’m just getting started in building an awesome life. And I have found that my success in doing so is almost directly proportional to how much confidence I have in myself.

Life takes effort, but I’m convinced I can do it. I can make this work. I can, not only succeed, but I can enjoy my marriage, my kids, my job. Sometimes you just gotta have a little faith in yourself.

So, dear reader, understand that if you are here for porn, the best I can offer is some PG-13 rated photos of my wonderful wife. At no point will you find pictures of multiple dicks. Although I might concede to posting a few tasteful “spotted dick” photos if it will help draw the British crowd.

What you will find is real life stories about an average couple attempting to lead above average lives. Perhaps you will find them inspiring, perhaps entertaining. Perhaps you will be disappointed in the lack of male genitalia. Regardless, I welcome you all.


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