My New “Short Stories” Page

As much as I enjoy chronicling real life here, my hidden passion is for short story fiction.

I have always attempted to write short stories, but with little success. I’ve got old notebooks full of half written, barely plotted story lines that obviously weren’t going anywhere. But somehow, around 2004, I hit my stride. I started writing complete stories; and damn good ones if you don’t mind me saying. Most of my stories ended up on a now defunct short story forum at East of the Web. I wasted many an hour every day on that site. It’s hard to believe that was nearly a decade ago.

I’m not sure what happened, but one day it just all went away. Not a single story idea rattling around in my head. I just..quit. Every year or so, I try to pick it back up but I just don’t seem to have any decent stories in my head. I’m hoping once again that this will help kick start me back into gear.

So with that, I’ve added a page for my short stories. I didn’t want to clutter the main page with them, so I set them up externally. I would be truly honored if you bothered to take a look. If you only read one, read For the Sake of My Salvation. I’ll warn you know though, it is the longest one.

Well, okay then. I’ll leave you to it.



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