The Modified Nooner

My wife was feeling a bit proud of herself and requested I post this. The modified nooner is not a rookie move and should only be attempted by highly trained marital couples.

I like Thursdays. They always seem to be the most interesting days of the week. On this particular Thursday afternoon, I was working from home with my lovely wife beside me as we tried to catch up on tv shows we had recorded.

Well, she kept coming on to me. You know how women can be, just sitting there pretending to ignore you when you know what they really mean is, “Why haven’t you jumped me yet?”

After half an hour of her not flashing her boobs at me, I get the hint. I jump on her and start kissing on her. She kept saying no, but she did it with that unamused look on her face I have learned really means “yes”. So I kept going.

After the 30th “no”, I point out that she isn’t stopping me, she’s just making conversation. This evokes a laugh and it is game on. It’s time for a nooner.

But there is one small hiccup. It’s the middle of her period and the traditional nooner will be a bit of mess. So her top comes off, revealing those wonderful breasts. After some exquisite oral affection, she kindly presses the girls together as they become…object of my affection.

If you haven’t tried it, you should. If you have tried it, try it again.

I have no reason for posting this except to compliment my wife and encourage you to think outside the box in your pursuit of Big Dick living.


2 thoughts on “The Modified Nooner

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  2. Yes it does get kinda messy, but my ex had no issues gettin it on in the middle of her flow. I think the ‘taboo’-ness of it turned her on, not to mention she was horny as fuck to begin with. Several towels and wash clothes where ruined in the process, but the mind blowing orgasms to the both of us left us sleeping for the rest of the afternoon..

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