You’re At The Eagles Concert… Can You Please Put Down Your Phone and Enjoy the Show?

People often talk about how music shaped their lives. I don’t want to overplay that statement, but I will say that the music of The Eagles permeates nearly every era of my upbringing. The irony of that statement is the fact that I was introduced to them several years after they no longer existed. My ability to be a constant decade behind the times began early.

I remember being 6-7 years old, hearing my father say that Lying Eyes was one of his favorite songs. I remember it being one of the few times I ever heard him sing along with the radio. At ten years old, I was listening to Hotel California on vinyl. By my early teenage years, The Eagles Greatest Hits tape was one of my constants.

I often sat mesmerized by Joe Walsh on the guitar playing Life’s Been Good and Life in the Fast Lane. Somehow I managed to become the only person I know who knew all the words to Seven Bridges Road and Pretty Maids All In a Row. Keep in mind, this was in the early 90’s, over 10 years after they disbanded.

It wasn’t that I found some deep meaning to their lyrics; they were just freaking awesome musicians and my appreciation for how good they were never diminished.

So fast forward another 20 years. We get an opportunity to attend The Eagles concert in St. Louis on Thursday. We get another couple that we are good friends with to join us and off we go. It was a sold out crowd at the Scott Center, where the Blues hockey team plays. It was a great show in front of a packed crowd. Everything about it was perfect.


All of the damn phones glowing in the crowd throughout the entire show.

I am well aware that I am growing old before my time. This shows up most notably in the technology department. I just can’t bring myself to get all excited about the way technology has taken over ever waking minute of our lives.

I understand that a lot of people were taking pictures or videotaping. I’m cool with that. I’d want pictures, too. That that wasn’t what I saw. I saw the guy next to me constantly updating and checking facebook. The guy on the right of us was watching the Cardinals game.

You get a chance to watch The Eagles live in concert. You choose facebook. Damn you all to hell.

In the immortal words of Ferris Bueller, “life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once and awhile you could miss it”.

Perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps those folks who couldn’t stay off their phones enjoyed it just as much as I did. Perhaps they never missed a beat. Maybe I’m making too big a deal out of it, but to me, there was nothing more satisfying than sitting back and immersing myself in the sounds of my childhood.

Now that I’m through bitching, I’ve got to pay tribute to what an amazing band this was. Back in the day, these guys had to have balls the size of grapefruits. In an eight year span from 1972-1980, they put out six albums and then promptly disbanded. Despite completely disappearing as a group, their albums sold an average of 1.5 million copies a year from 1980 until their reunion in 1994. Almost 20 years after coming back together as a band, they are still selling out packed stadiums and performing an amazing show.

What an amazing group of musicians they had to be to pull that off. To be able to put together that much timeless music in such a short span and develop such a devoted following amazes me.

This was an event that I will never forget. Not only was the show amazing, but I got to share the evening with good friends and my beautiful wife. I got to wear my Bill Fucking Murray shirt and eat exceptional bbq.

Oh, and I hit a deer at three in the morning, just a few miles from home. We were all fine.


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