My Favorite Hangouts on the Web

I don’t spend a lot of time online. I’ve got my online world narrowed down to less than ten sites. Surfing the web has turned into channel surfing; six million websites with nothing on.

On one hand, I feel like it keeps me from wasting my life away in front of the computer screen. On the other, I know that I am probably missing out on some amazing learning opportunities.

Regardless, I find that I’m quite content to limit myself to the following:

1. Best Time Killer
The Chive is the largest photo gathering website on the planet with over 500,000 photos and 3.5 million daily visitors. In my opinion, it is the single most entertaining place on the web. It’s about 60% scantily clad women, but the other 40% is a nice mixture of humor, interesting, laugh out loud and touching. The website does a lot to support the troops and charities for individuals in need, especially children. They also have a cool t-shirt store.

Bill Fucking Murray t-shirt..rarer than a unicorn, but I own one!

Bill Fucking Murray t-shirt..rarer than a unicorn, but I own one!

For no reason other than delayed gratification, I always save this one for the end of the day. My lovely wife enjoys browsing it with me. We spend a lot of time trying to guess which of the women have natural or enhanced breasts.

2. Most entertaining place to learn something
Cracked is a surprisingly knowledgeable website. They put together a ton of Top 5 type articles covering everything from sex to history, serial killers to killer animals. They lean to the left politically, but they source their information and I’ve learned a considerable amount from this site. The authors are competent writers and they focus on smart humor.

3. Best Self/Marriage help forum
Married Man Sex Life forum is a blog/forum operated by Athol Kay. This is an absolute requirement for anyone struggling with Nice Guy issues. If you need help sorting through attraction issue with your spouse, or just general Red Pill/Alpha questions, get off of my blog and get over there.

If I’m on the computer, there is probably a tab open to this site. I am an infrequent poster on the site. I much more enjoy reading through the scenarios presented by the other members. I’m always amazed by the lives that the rest of the world leads.

Wow, that’s it. 90% of my internet time is spent on these three sites. I read a few blogs, a hunting website, and an MMA forum. I’m still not sure if that is a sign of extreme efficiency or laziness.

I’m posting this for two reasons. First, to give you some new ideas if you’ve never checked out these sites. But more importantly, to say thank you. There are over 8 million other places you could be right now, but you are choosing to spend a few moments in my tiny corner of the web. I hope it was worth the visit and I hope to see you again.


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