Creating Your Own Genre Of Music Is Pretty Impressive

This is a bit of a departure from my typical post, so bear with me. Since the majority of my readers are women (thank you ladies, you are lovely) and Asian Pacific fetishists, this post may not be very interesting to most of you.

I want to introduce you to a band I’ve discovered; not necessarily because I think you’ll like their music, but because I think they deserve the recognition.

Real quick; name your two least favorite genres of music.

If you said rap and blue grass, congratulations; you’re white and you have all your teeth.

Now, let’s consider mixing these two genres together. One is bad, the other worse. What could go wrong?

For full disclosure, I’m not a fan of rap music. My appreciation for rap started and ended with Eazy-E’s “Still Talkin’ Shit” in the late 80’s. I couldn’t even bring myself to like Will Smith.

Will Smith..making rap music comfortable for white people.

Will Smith..making rap music comfortable for white people for decades.

And I’m not going to defend my dislike of rap music by trying to convince you that I have black friends, because I don’t. Seriously. No black friends. It’s a supply and demand issue. I live in the rural mid-west. There isn’t a black person within a 20 miles.

I grew up on 80’s country music so I am a bit predisposed to the blue grass, but not enough to spend money on it.

Okay, now that I’ve demonstrated that I am “Certified White”, you’ve got to meet this band. Introducing Gangstagrass.



These guys are amazing. They mix legitimate gangsta rap music with good ol’ fashion banjo, fiddle and steel guitar. Here is the bio from their “about” page:

Blending bluegrass and hip-hop seems like an unlikely recipe for success, but don’t tell that to Rench, the mastermind behind the highly successful rap’n’grass project Gangstagrass. When he was going to grade school, recess was a time of breakdancing on cardboard to RUN-DMC. But at home, the records on the stereo were Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash.

While the future is unwritten, it’s certain that Gangstagrass will go down in history as the pioneer of a sound that brought country and hip hop together and helped desegregate America’s music charts. “Right now, people treat rural and urban American music like they are matter and anti-matter,” Rench concludes. “I’m hoping a good dose of Gangstagrass will get people past the blue-state/red-state thing and make them comfortable with purple. I want to provide the soundtrack for a wave of cultural miscegenation that will let us all party together at last.”

The group produced the theme song for the tv show, Justified, (season 7 premieres Tuesday the 7th by the way) which is how I discovered them. The song would cue up and it just made my mouth water. What kind of sorcery is this? Rap music with a banjo in the background?

It sounded like this:


I had to hunt them down, which led me to their website where you can hear the songs on their latest album. It may not be your thing, but I challenge you to at least check it out.

So here’s to you Gangstagrass. There is nothing more Big Dick than creating your own genre of music. You guys are awesome.


One thought on “Creating Your Own Genre Of Music Is Pretty Impressive

  1. Love that show, to be honest never thought of the band behind the song. I’m not a rap fan either, but I do like the mix. It’s strangely interesting lol

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