Watching a Big Dick Transformation Take Place

I want to introduce you to my good friend, Thor.

He’s not really Thor, but he’s such a modest guy that he asked me to change it to something a little less bad ass than his real name. I went with Thor because Staff Sgt Max Fucking Fightmaster was already taken.

So, anyway, meet Thor.

This is a metaphorical representation of his awesome manliness. Actually, it’s just a squirrel with really big balls.

I’ve written about him before in this awesome post where I tried to seduce his wife with my meat.

BBQ, you naughty kids.

BBQ, you naughty kids.

Thor is one of my closest friends. He’s part of my deer camp group and I proudly name him as one of the two most influential peers in my life.

But about six months ago, I got the chance to influence him. I had not announced the blog to anyone in our social circle, but it came up in discussion at our deer camp. It went something like this,

“Hey Thor, I can tell you how to get more sex.”
“Okay, I’m listening.”
“Chicks dig guys that are in charge.”
“No, seriously. Go home and tell your wife you are going to start taking the lead in the decision making. You’ll be knee deep in sex in no time.”

That’s the readers digest version of our two hour long conversation, but I basically laid out everything we’ve been discussing here at the Big Dick Chronicles. He was intrigued to say the least.

Deer camp ended and he went straight home and told his wife that some changes were on the horizon.
1. He was no longer bartering for sex. (I’ll do the dishes if it puts you in the mood)
2. He wanted a more dominant role in decision making.
3. He would be more dominant in approaching her for sex.
4. He wanted to focus on making himself more physically attractive for her.

Now, you may have noticed that three of the four topics focused on sex or attraction. That’s because we’re men. You tell us something can lead to more sex and we’re on it.
But guess which of the four has had the most profound impact on their life?

Thor was already what you would consider a man’s man. He has a law enforcement background, trained and proficient in firearms, sports a high and tight hair cut and a Khal Drogo goatee.

Like this, but manlier.

Like this, but manlier.

He has always fully embraced the husbandly role of provider and protector. But he had also bought into the fallacy that all women desire to be co-equals in leading a marriage.

When he went home to talk to his wife, he expected some version of “I’m a grown woman, you can’t tell me what to do!” What he heard was, “Cool. I still expect to have some say in our decisions, but otherwise…yes!”

Now, let me take a moment to explain Mrs. Thor. She is one of the most enjoyable competent women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She is educated, also trained in firearms, and an excellent wife and mother. We have always enjoyed them as a couple because they have such a good marriage. They work well as a team and they have built an awesome life together.

But what they have experienced in the last six months is the difference between good and great.

I’m going to share a bit of a personal story with Thor’s blessing because I want you to understand what this whole philosophy is about.

Thor and his wife have a daughter that is the same age as our middle child. In 3rd grade, they realized that she was struggling with the work and about mid year, the question started to come up about whether she would pass. Ultimately, it was decided that it would be in her best interest to stay another year, but it was going to be up to Thor and his wife to decide.

Folks, a decision like that involves a lot of tears. It upset some relatives, especially on her side, but they both knew it was right.

So Thor stepped up. He announced that he was making the decision to keep her back. It was absolutely the best choice for their daughter. (She’s doing great by the way)

How did Mrs. Thor respond? With an overwhelming sense of relief. The stress of standing up to family members, the guilt of wondering if they were harming their daughter, the strain of being the one to say, “I made this choice” would have broken her heart.

He was her hero that day and quite frankly, mine too. That is some amazing Big Dick parenting and he faced it head on.

A month or so ago, we were visiting and I asked him how things were going in their life. She enjoys the more dominant Thor in the bedroom. His willingness to take the lead in other areas of their life has helped relieve her stress levels. She likes the more attractive dress and the old school aftershave he wears.

Oh, and Thor has a harem.

Somehow he has found himself in a female dominated profession. But he has taken his own personal Big Dick mindset to the office. When they have professional get togethers, meetings, conferences, etc. he described himself as the head cock with a gaggle of hens following him around.

That’s how he described himself to the women he works with.

Guess what? They swooned. And then they followed.


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