Active Living; Creating Your Own Content

Coming up with something interesting to write on a regular basis is hard work. Coming up with something that is interesting and true is even harder.

I take pride in telling you that every word of the Big Dick Chronicles is factual. That’s one of the reasons my wife is my proof reader. If I embellish something, like telling you my dick is 10″ long when its really only 9″, she calls me on it.

Coming up with topics can be a challenge. I enjoy my job, but the daily operations of it aren’t noteworthy. We live in a quite Midwest rural area, so unless you’re dying to know that my dogs woke me up at 4:30 this morning barking at an owl, I don’t have a lot to say there either.

I realized that my problem is, I’m not a very good casual observer. I don’t notice life well enough to catch the details of a routine interaction and make it interesting. I was considering this one day as I was driving and the thought that kept coming back to me was, “You have to make your own content.”

An interesting thought, but what does it mean?

It means that I want to start exploring, and document my findings. I want to try new things and learn new things and then tell you what I think of them. Most of these will be done in short series’ as I introduce a topic and take you along on my journey.

So, if any of you find this interesting enough to stick around, here’s my tentative schedule of topics to explore:

“A Day In The Life Of Something I Know Nothing About”
I’m going to explore topics of interest that I know absolutely nothing about. Ideally, I will have a chance to delve into that community and do some short interviews with people who are active in the topic.

“Learning How To Home Brew Beer/ Roasting Your Own Coffee Beans”
One of my friends has been dying for me to join him in home brewing beer. There is a ton of information to learn about this and it should be fun to explore. About a year ago, I introduced him to the wonderful world of roasting your own coffee which we will also explore.

“Exploring The Five Most Common Sexual Fetishes”
This one will be information only. No active participation on my part.

“Daily Run”
I’m not a runner. But I feel like I should include something physical in this series. So I’m going to run a mile every day for three weeks and chart my time to see how much progress I can make in 21 days.

We are also about to start a new series in our Sunday School class called “I’ve got a problem with the Bible” where we explore specific questions or complaints that the class members have regarding some aspect of the Bible. I will try to post our study notes on Sundays.

There will be more topics as I go, but I think this is enough to get me started.

I think this will turn out to be an interesting endeavor and I appreciate you coming along for the ride.


6 thoughts on “Active Living; Creating Your Own Content

  1. That sounds very industrious and admirable, considering how much time and effort you have to put into doing and writing but it sounds very very worthwhile. I can’t tell you how healthy and fortifying I think the Sunday School topic is. Questioning is the best way to refine and strengthen any belief. It’s like forging a sword and it’s so healthy. All of the other topics are great too. Good luck, it will be interesting to read.

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  3. I’m totally on board with this idea of pushing yourself to generate content in interesting new ways. I realized that I had to do this with my Moscow blog (there’s only so much I can write about a city where I havent lived for 20 years and where most of my time is spent in the office and at home), and it pushed me to go out and find new, interesting things to do or areas to explore every weekend. Basically committing to the blog actually enriched my life in very non-blogging ways. Best of luck and I am very excited to read about your adventures, including beer making and Sunday School explorations (I was a very regularly practicing Evangelical for many years while in the States, and Sunday School was my favorite part – as an adult).

    • Thanks, Anna. I’m looking forward to it. Your blog is interesting to me because it is so far removed from my world. I’ve lived almost entirely in the mid-west. The things you’ve experienced are amazing. Glad you found ways to make the most of it.


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