Introducing My New Avatar

At The Big Dick Chronicles, I try to emphasize that Big Dick living is much more about your attitude towards life than about your anatomy, or hell, even your gender.

So when I come across someone who is living life to the fullest, I jump on the opportunity to offer them some recognition.

Do you know what’s cool? Going to the Sex Museum in Amsterdam and giving a big warm bear hug to a giant dildo.

No captioned needed. We'll just stand in silence for a moment.

No captioned needed. We’ll just stand in silence for a moment.

Do you know what is bad ass? Getting your picture taken with the giant dildo and then posting it on your blog.

But do you know what is truly Big Dick? Giving a total internet stranger permission to use that picture as their avatar.

Meet Linda, the amazing author of the Expat Eye on Latvia blog. I was referred to her site by my lovely friend, Anna, whom you met in my last post.

Linda writes an insightful and often hilarious blog about life in the northern European country of Latvia. I encourage you to check it out.

She is also a big fan of dick jokes.


13 thoughts on “Introducing My New Avatar

  1. I love how you already totally bought into Latvia’s “party line” that they are a NORTHERN European country, not an – God forbid! – Eastern one. 😉
    Told you you’d enjoy that blog! Did you get to that post yet about jealous girlfriends hiding in the bushes?

    • I wondered if you would catch that. Just wanted to show I was paying attention to details.

      I actually read through the entire blog. That chick sounds like a great candidate for my on-line stalker post.

      • As far as I know, she’s still mad 🙂
        Love the post! And the fact that you referred to Latvia as Northern European! The Latvians would be happy – well, that might be overstating it a bit 😉 Linda.

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