As a man, do you ever wonder if you’re getting it right? If you are one of those guys who has never questioned himself, I applaud you. We haven’t been that lucky.

I’m Adam. This is Brian. (Brian says hello). We are a couple of average guys who are working hard to be above average.

Until last year, our lives were almost identical. I am 35, I’ve been married for 13 years. Brian is 34 and was married 13 years until it ended last fall. You’ll get a chance to hear his story as we go.

We’re getting to the point in life where we start to wonder if we’re getting it right. We’ve been married long enough, been raising kids long enough, been men long enough that we are starting to see the fruits of our labor, both good and bad. Some of our choices have worked out very well; others, not so much. We’ll share some past successes and failures as the mood hits us.

Since Brian’s divorce, our lives have taking divergent paths. My family life keeps on going. Brian is starting over as a single father. But we discovered something interesting. While we have completely different choices to make, the decision making process is often the same.

Which brings us to the Big Dick Chronicles. Learning how to make Big Dick decisions is vital for men of all ages, married or single. Or at least, we think so. We know it’s applicable to us.

So we hope you enjoy. We’re going to have fun with this and perhaps it will be of benefit to others as well.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, I just spent a little too much time reading through your blog, love it. The smoking meat post and the “I’m human after all” post were great – the modified nooner made me laugh!

    Anyway, I’m the admin at http://www.funlovegoodsex.com (FLGS) and was wondering if you’d be willing to submit a guest post with us. (Go on, it’s the big dick thing to do!) Perhaps something like “Why Jacking Off Doesn’t Need to Be a Solo Act” or anything else. Basically, at FLGS we want sex/relationship advice type articles for couples, and I like the wholesome, realistic wisdom you exhibit here.

    Below every article will be your “author bio” box and a link back to your blog.

    Email me (admin at fun love good sex dot com) if you have any questions or just pop over and check out the site.

    Andrew Brighton

    p.s. Feel free to delete this as a comment- I’m just trying to get in touch.

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  3. Hey Look! I nominated you for “The Dragon’s Loyalty Award”. I was nominated and I guess the rules say I have to nominate people too. Isn’t it bizarre that you need to do work for an award? Just saying– tag you’re it!

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